Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Dealer Training starts Monday Dec 17th 10.30

At last - Our Billing platform for both Clients and Dealers is now in full operation. We now provision our own Line Rentals, Call Charges and Broadband.
We are now looking to develop relationships with IT Solution Companies, Interior Fit Out Companies, Security Companies and Electrical Engineers/companies.
We are able to offer an excellent opportunity for Self Employed individuals or Companies to develop a Commissions split and Residual income whilst your client continues to bill with us.

Have a look at our website to see our products, Join us on Dec 17th, ( but please let us know before hand ) or ring us directly on) : 08456 885 122 - Ask to speak to  Bryan or Chris.

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Winter draws on!!!
As I am sure we have all noticed winter is nearly upon us. Long range weather forecasts are unilaterally predicting a colder than average winter period.
Just take the time to stop and think this one through.
What was the effect of snow on my business last winter ?
How much were sales down?
How did my customers feel ? How did my staff feel ? And so the list it goes on.

The ONS stated :
“The snow last winter knocked 0.5% off the economic growth figures, which is a considerable amount of lost growth”

I am sure you would agree it is now time to plan. Maybe you will stick your head in the sand or should that be the snow ? Maybe use “hope” as a strategy that the winter conditions will not in any way effect your business ?

Fear not, help is at hand.
So, for those who wish to plan and carry on doing business in the face of adversity, talk to us at Connect…it.
We have a suite of “Business Continuity” products for voice as part of our standard “Simply Better Business Telephony” proposition.
Notice we didn’t say disaster recovery, a very much overworked phrase which immediately means to me that something has occurred from which I must recover…..and that takes time…..how much time….Who knows?

Business Continuity however means exactly what is says. Regardless of what may be a disaster to my competitors, I will be safe in the knowledge that I can continue to do business!!!

As a famous scout once said “Be Prepared”, are you?

Call us to see how we can help you to help your customers and staff through the winter period. You snow it makes sense !

08456 885 122

Thursday, 8 November 2012

New Billing Platform - Dealers Required

In mid October, Connect...it established its own Billing Platform. This along with access to the WLR3 platform allows us to provision for Line Rentals, Call Charges and Broadband. We also offer Samsung Telephone Systems, Vehicle and Mobile Tracking, Mobiles across all networks and full IT support and maintenance.
The Billing System will be dual branded - dealers name and Connect...it, so allowing your customer to know who is supporting you.
For the customer, the system allows them to see the charges for their Line Rental(s), All Call and Broadband charges. There will be no charges against the word "other".
In addition, the customer can set up E alerts. this allows them to track specific charges. EG: 118 calls charges at £2 per minute.

If you are interested in developing a business in Telecommunications with a residual income we would like to hear from you.
We will offer you full training and support on an ongoing basis.
You will find us knowledgeable, experienced and customer savvy - in other words, we know how to look after a customer and add value to their business.
Without a customer, you have no business.

Contact Us For Details

Monday, 22 October 2012

Mobile Phone with 15 Year Battery Shelf Life

We have a new product that I would like for you to take a look at and then give us your feedback


Product Features

·         GSM BAND 900/1800, Maintains power for up to 15 years*, Size: 120x60x13mm, Weight: 75 gram

·         Works with any NiMh rechargeable, alkaline or lithium AA Battery

·         10 hours talk time with (1) Energizer AA "Ultimate Lithium" Battery

·         White LED Torch Light, 9 re-settable speed dial buttons, Includes Micro Sim Adapter (secured on the lower left base of the phone, remove back cover to locate)

·         (1) Emergency pre-set dial button, Battery, Antenna/Network LED Status light, *SIM card NOT included

Technical Details

·         Maintains power for up to 15 years*

·         10 hours talk time with (1) Energizer AA "Ultimate Lithium" Battery, 1 x Battery Included

·         White LED Torch Light

·         9 re-settable speed dial buttons

·         (1) Emergency pre-set dial button

Simple, for all ages. Easy as 1.2.3.

1. Insert your own or a new SIM card
2. Turn on the phone
3. Call

A Battery Shelf Life of 15 Years!*

The SpareOne can hold its charge, if stored unused, for up to 15 years* or for the shelf life of the battery inserted. And when in use, SpareOne has a talk time of 10 hrs !* This is all made possible by a single AA battery.
*With Included Energizer Ultimate Lithium L91™

Every year 25 Million people are affected by natural disasters

Most people don’t know this: Following a natural disaster, cell phone towers are the first communications infrastructure to be repaired, because emergency crews need them. Cell service is often restored long before power. Be the neighbourhood hero. Make calls for up to 10 hours on a single AA battery.* SpareOne includes a torch light that shines for up to 20 hours on a single battery.
Everyday mishaps.
Ever worry whether your children or elderly parents can contact you if they lose their cell phone?
Not ready to give your kids a smart phone?
Talk to long or browse the web too much? Left with a dead phone battery mid day ?
SpareOne’s uses are endless, good thing you have one! Zip a slim, lightweight SpareOne into your kids’ backpacks. Give one to your parents to keep beside their bed. Keep one in your laptop bag or glove box.
SpareOne is simple to use for all ages:
1. Insert your own or a new SIM card
2. Turn on the phone
3. Call
SpareOne easily can be configured to store up to nine phone numbers in memory, so the push of a button connects you to your loved ones.
To call emergency services such as 999, you don’t even need a SIM card.


When you “get away from it all,” you might prefer to leave your expensive smart phone behind, along with your cares. Besides: water, snow, and dirt are notoriously hostile to cell phones.
But wouldn’t it be nice to be able to call for help if you get lost, stranded or hurt?
SpareOne is your answer. When you hit the back roads, trail or water, you’ll have the security of knowing that you have a powered phone. As long as you’re in range of a cell tower, you can call in any emergency. Whether you swap your primary phone’s SIM card into your SpareOne to make yourself reachable is up to you.

Power failures.

Power failures are so common, they typically receive only local news coverage. But they can last for days, even weeks. And when your smart phone loses its charge, it becomes a dumb paperweight.
Be smart. Be prepared. Keep a SpareOne with your other emergency supplies at work, at home, and in the homes of your loved ones.
Because SpareOne stores power-ready for up to 15 years on a single AA battery, you can “store it and forget it,” like any emergency tool you hope never to use.

International travel.

Roaming charges suck. Avoid them by carrying a SpareOne to your international destinations, and buying a local SIM card with prepaid minutes.
SpareOne comes in both GSM frequencies, covering the entire world.
Bonus: no more worrying about cell phone charger adaptors. You’re freed from sockets!


The PowerCase Classic is an ultra-slim and lightweight power case
that has an elegant leather flip cover design allowing easy access to
the touch screen whilst providing maximum strength and protection.

But, it isn’t just a protective case, this PowerCase sports a battery
which adds more life to an iPhone 4/4S. With the hard protective
shell, yet lightweight, low profile and slim design, users can easily
forget they are carrying extra power on the go.

Ask for your Company Logo on the case.

Product Provides Additional:

Talk Time:           up to 7 additional hours
Internet Surfing:   up to 6 additional hours
Video Playback:  up to 10 additional hours
Audio Playback:  up to 40 additional hours
Standby Time:     up to 300 additional hours

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Jake Hill - Ginetta GT Supercup driver

Last weekend, Connect IT, dipped its toe in the water to start sponsoring Jake Hill - an up and coming driver currently in the Ginetta GT Supercup.
Last weekend at Rockingham and Silverstone he finished on the podium - both days. 
This young man struggles for sponsorship each weekend - sometimes sitting in the pits waiting for tyres to be delivered - so no practice laps - only qualifying and he still manages P2 both days finishing 3rd. Incredible achievement. 
Read below last weekends story:

At the 'Home of British Motorsport', Silverstone Circuit, 18 year-old BRDC Rising Star Jake Hill put on another strong showing, with a front-row qualifying performance and a brace of third place finishes, taking his career podium tally to a remarkable 41 in just 78 races since Jake started racing in November 2008.

After spending Friday's practice concentrating on set-up as best as possible on old tyres, Hill and his Tollbar team faced yet-another battle to get funds in place to race, but support from John Miskin at Sportif and last-minute help from Ingram Generators, Cloud 9 Hosts, Connect-it, Mark Tayler, Mazza plus regular supporters FujiFilm, MMC Broking, On-Line Media, Celtic Speed and SDS Graphics saw Hill's Red Ginetta G55 line up for qualifying on Saturday morning after all.

On a damp but quickly drying track, Hill showed great maturity and calmness by waiting in the pits until there were just 8 minutes remaining to attack for Pole Position.

After gradually bringing the tyres up to temperature Hill quickly began to move up the order, and on his 4th flying lap set the fastest first sector time, narrowly missing out on Pole Position by just 0.081 seconds...qualifying second on the grid for the second time in 2012.

"The car felt really good and we did the right thing by waiting as long as possible - I'm glad I went out when I did though cos it took longer for the tyres to come in than usual - front row is mega though - I'm really pleased - thanks as always to Mike, Mary, Oscar, James and Rupert from Tollbar Racing for all their hard work!"

Hill who had his interview with Jason Plato and the KX Akademy panel last Thursday, focussed on a clean start in Saturday afternoon's race and got exactly that - matching Pole-man Andrew Richardson as they charged into Copse Corner for the first time.

Tracking Richardson closely a superb exit from Luffield corner saw Goudhurst's Hill sneak alongside Richardson just after Woodcote and into the lead as they began lap 2.

Immediately Hill began to edge clear - breaking the lap record as he looked to have developed a solid lead by lap 8.

Soon after though Hill began to struggle with rear end grip, and Richardson gradually caught up again, passing mid race and edging clear to Win his first G55 race.

Meanwhile championship challenger Carl Breeze also snuck past, and Hill fought hard with Tom Ingram for the balance of the 24 lap race, pulling clear late on to take a well-earned fourth Podium of 2012 and his 40th Career podium in total.

"The car was SO good at the beginning - absolutely superb, and I pulled away from Andy easily. Then it just felt really 'loose' at the back and it was a matter of time before Andy was on me and past, and Carl was a bit too strong too. I wasn't giving up though and the car felt better over the last four laps or so and I'm pleased to get on the Podium again!"

Lining up third for Sunday's race televised on ITV4, Hill was passed at the start by Ingram andthen Tom Sharp edged the pair of them wide and was up into 3rd place quickly.

A real scrap between Sharp, Ingram and Hill at the end of the lap saw Hill back ahead of Ingram by driving around the outside of Luffield and now into 4th place.

Carl Breeze had got into the lead at the start, hence Richardson had a charging Sharp to deal with who forced past into Brooklands in a robust move, then allowing Hill to chase Richardson down himself.

Getting a fantastic run out of Copse Corner, Hill dragged alongside into Abbey and up into 3rd place, pulling away and chasing after Sharp.

Behind Richardson charged back and in a close fight hit the back of Hill into Luffield, before Hill edged away and drove a consistent final few laps to take his second Podium of the weekend, his fifth of 2012 and his 41st career silverware.

With Breeze Winning with fastest lap and Sharp second the championship fight is now just two points apart between them as the series heads to Brands Hatch on the magnificent Grand Prix Circuit on the 20th & 21st October.

"Another great result and the car felt much more consistent today " smiled Jake. "We go to Brands for the final race - both Tom and Carl say it's their favourite track - well it's mine too and my home race - so I am gunning for at least one more Win there!" I just hope we can find the funds - so if anyone out there is interested in finding out what we can offer I'd really appreciate an email" said Jake.

For further info please visit Jake's website www.jakehill.co.uk or call Simon on 07811 348681

Stop Watch Hospitality

Recently we have started working to support Paul Clark, owner of  Stop Watch Hospitality - http://stopwatchhospitality.com/

Paul is a great champion of young, up coming drivers. Currently he is working with Luciano Bacheta - winner of the 2012 - F2 Chmapionship and Jake Hill - Ginetta GT Supercup - currently 7th in the championship.
Last weekend, Jake managed 2 podium finishes. Amazing when you consider some of the drivers he races against have been driving for 10 and 20 years.

On 19th October we have a sponsorship day for Jake Hill. Come and learn how sponsorship works including "Contra Deals". Experience how Hospitality could benefit your business or maybe someone else's business.
10.00am or 2.00pm.
Also, the same weekend is the British Touring Car Club. So, on the friday will be plenty of well known drivers, as well as Jake, on the track practicing.

If you would like to come, meet Jake, visit the pits, have a go on the Brands Hatch racing simulator in the Stop Watch Suite, email us at: info@connect-it.co and we will send you an invite.

Look forward to seeing you there.

Friday, 12 October 2012

GPS Tracking

vehicle tracker image

So how fast are your company vehicles?

When budgets are squeezed, use vehicle tracking to save money in your fleet both in fuel and running cost.

Click the image above for more details

Monday, 8 October 2012

Jake Hill great weekend

 Jake Hill two races, two podiums 
congratulations great weekend of racing!!!!
From all the team at Connect IT 

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

So, Here's the offer ...........................

Would you be interested in Bryan or I - I'm Chris, the elder statesman of Connect IT coming to see you in your office between now and Christmas ?
To spend a half day (or a full day depending on the size of your organisation) to listen to your pains, be bombarded by questions about your Communications - Office or Mobile, or anything else that you may want to discuss, say, learn or do in that time? 
We like listening to other people to see how we can help them so it always fun for us. It's amazing what comes out from these meetings often nothing to do with the core business. 

The truth of the matter is, Bryan and I honestly do want to make a difference to people’s businesses, their working lives and lives in general.  We believe that with Connect It you will feel a change.  At the end of it we may get some business.  But if we don’t, we will have learnt a lot too and maybe developed a relationship to help each other in the future.  
P.S. Bryan drinks Tea, I drink Water.  
Look forward to meeting you.
Tel: 08456 885 122

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Mobile Data Security

When you buy a laptop the salesperson will generally ask you if you would like to buy an Anti Virus package. After all, there are mischievous people out there hacking into computers every day. So, your laptop has to be safe and secure. Right ?

So, why are millions of people around the world using phones that offer little or no security? Millions are doing business on their phones, making payments, sending personal details over the ether but with no thought of security.
My theory, Its the bury my head in the sand scenario. It wont happen to me.
Why do heads of government around the world use a Blackberry ?
Why do businesses have their own server supporting their staff using a Blackberry ?

Nowadays people and businesses appear to be more concerned about image. Using the right looking phone is a prime example.
There is only one Mobile phone on the market that is safer to use when sending personal or confidential data.

Try this:
Tear a piece of paper into 128 pieces, then put it back together and now read the message. This is the Encryption that Blackberry offer - 128 Bit.

If you want peace of mind, it is seriously worth considering moving to a Blackberry.
Think about it - carefully.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Thought for the Day

Knowledge is realizing that the street is one-way, wisdom is looking both directions anyway.

Bakelite or Modern Phone

60 years ago we used these wonderful looking phones. Would you like the same looking phone today using modern technology ?
Or this type from Samsung ?

Anti Virus

It always puzzles us why people will ensure anti-virus is installed on their Laptop & Home Computer etc but use a phone, especially for Business that has no anti virus. There is only one make on the market that is secure for Business and that is ......................

Monday, 20 August 2012

The Week Ahead.

We are off to Brands again on Wednesday for a meeting and for Bryan to view the pits. Bryan loves a little run out especially where there is the sound of a V8 and the smell of petrol fumes. Happy Days. Have a good week one and all.

Friday, 17 August 2012

Brands Hatch

Friday 3.00pm. We met Luciano Bachetta  (currently leads F2) about 3 weeks ago at a breakfast meeting. Hence our invite today to meet him again today for a chat about sponsorship and have a look around the pits. Photos to follow later - no doubt.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Bakerlite Phones ??

60 years ago we used these wonderful looking phones. Would you like the same looking phone today using modern technology ?
Or this type from Samsung ?

Friday, 10 August 2012

Olympic Gold Communications

Is your Broadband sprinting or jogging ? Like Usain Bolt, we are winners in our field.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Missing Business ??????

Good morning - You advertise in the local papers and you use Social Media and yet, your business presents and engaged tone ? How many potential customers are you losing ? The answer is "You dont know"! We can provide a free analysis and a solution. Ring us - we promise to respond.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Monday, 30 July 2012

New Blog

First day of the Connect IT Blog, oh and here's a nice photo of Bryan and Chris with Luciano Bacheta Currently leading F2 Championship taken at the Great Danes Maidstone last Thursday.